Tim Caple on Football Lockdown

With Episode 13 out the door, attention turns to our fourth interview of July and we are delighted to invite Tim Caple onto the show. Tim is a legend of the game that does his work off the pitch, and has worked on a multitude of games, leagues and tournaments throughout his illustrious career. TimContinue reading “Tim Caple on Football Lockdown”

Richard Whittle on Football Lockdown

How did a man from Northern Ireland end up in Italy? Todays guest is a football broadcaster based in Milan Italy. His focus is all things Serie A and is a Northern Irish Romanista (That’s a mouthful). He famously once exclaimed “The King of Rome is not dead” when commentating on the great Francesco Totti.Continue reading “Richard Whittle on Football Lockdown”

Semra Hunter on Football Lockdown

It’s been a whirlwind at Football Lockdown towers over the past couple of months and we’re already up to 11 episodes of our normal show. If you’re getting bored of the four of us already then don’t worry, as we’re delighted to publish our exclusive interview with La Liga TV’s Semra Hunter – TODAY! ListenContinue reading “Semra Hunter on Football Lockdown”

Why Scottish Football Is Better Than You Think

Our resident Scottish football expert explains why you need to start knowing your Dundee’s from your Livingston’s Scottish football is brilliant. Scottish football is having a cup competition for the wee teams and naming it after Irn-Bru and then Tunnocks, embracing Scottish stereotypes. Scottish football is having mascots that will literaly haunt your children’s nightmares.Continue reading “Why Scottish Football Is Better Than You Think”

The Football Lockdown website is here!

We started a podcast that is slowly escalating out of our control; to the point where we now have a website. How did that happen? What started as a bit of a laugh and a giggle has somehow turned into a podcast and a website. Not the best podcast and not the best website butContinue reading “The Football Lockdown website is here!”