The Football Lockdown Squad

Born from Lockdown, Football Lockdown has a squad packed with quality, versatility and a style of play that is unmatched. All or none of that may be true. In any case, here’s the squad run down in full …

Madrid Gonna' Madrid and the Top Premier League Players Football Lockdown

  1. Madrid Gonna' Madrid and the Top Premier League Players
  2. Magnificent Episode 50

Mark Appleby

Our Scarborough born resident, lover of all things Man Utd and now with a new found love for German football, Mark ‘Rocket Fuel’ Appleby’s biggest claim to fame is that the now demolished McCain Stadium was once his home from home.

Stuart Turner

Our resident lover of everything at Stamford Bridge and affectionately known as the ‘prospering cheat’ Stuart enjoys the finer things close to home, focusing on the game in England and how many pubs are situated around each ground.

Scott Josling

A Hammer at home but a Bologna Rosso Blu abroad. Our man for Italy and Serie A. In tune with all things Calcio. Scott posts the pretty pictures on our Instagram account and is always happy to discuss 90s Football Italia with a latte and gelato in the sun. Gooooooooolaccio!

Craig Shields

Lover of Celtic, follower of the game in Spain and Germany, Craig edits and produces the podcast and usually keeps the others in check. Just don’t let him get on his high-horse about Scottish football though.

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