Tim Caple on Football Lockdown

With Episode 13 out the door, attention turns to our fourth interview of July and we are delighted to invite Tim Caple onto the show. Tim is a legend of the game that does his work off the pitch, and has worked on a multitude of games, leagues and tournaments throughout his illustrious career.

Tim sat down with Scott to talk about:

•             Being back in the studio for Norwegian football

•             His opinion on fake crowd noise

•             How he started his journey

•             The best route to becoming a commentator

•             How access to players and managers has changed

We Answer Your Questions! Football Lockdown

2021 has started as 2020 finished, with a fiery and defiant stand from a leader who resides in the capital, amid growing tension from the outside world for him to leave office. And while we’ll need to wait until next week to see what happens with Frank Lampard, In this episode we answer your questions and become Sporting Directors' at a few of Europe's biggest clubs.
  1. We Answer Your Questions!
  2. Our 2021 Predictions and Frank's P45
  3. Looking Back on 2020

We’d like to thank Tim for giving up some of his time to talk to us here at Football Lockdown and we hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Also, don’t forget that we had an exclusive interview with Semra Hunter, La Liga TV host and the author of upcoming book Wings of Change, Karan Tejwani, who spoke to us about the impact Red Bull have had on football.

Don’t forget to subscribe to the show in order to make sure that you don’t miss out on any of this. Episode 14 of the normal show releases next Tuesday but until then, we’re out!

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