New Italian Football Stadiums: Out with the old in with the new

Italy has long been overdue some new stadia for their impressive elite football competition Serie A and this blog is here to cover just some of what is due to come in the next few years. Exciting times not only for the fans of these clubs but the league and nation as a whole. Let’s take a look at some of these new Italian football stadiums.

Atalanta – Gewiss Stadium (Renovation)

Bologna – Stadio Dall’Ara (Renovation)

The reconstruction of the Dall’Ara stadium in Bologna will preserve the original building features, like its characteristic tower, while allowing the Bologna Football Club to play on a totally renovated pitch.

Work was due to start in 2020 but with COVID I feel that it is likely to be delayed. The stadium capacity will also be decreased from 31,000 to 27,000 spectators in order to adapt to new safety regulations.

The interior part of the stadium will also be transformed and modernised with new refreshment areas (restaurant and cafeterias) for the fans, new locker rooms, new VIP lounge areas, a new press room, and over 500 square meters destined to host events.

This will be the first time all of the stands will be covered by a new futuristic roof and on the rooftop, a terrace with a stunning view of the city will be built. The overall budget set by the Municipality of Bologna for the project is 30 million euros but as we all know – that is likely to rise.

The City Council will also work to define the restyling of the surrounding area of the Dall’Ara stadium. These interventions are already contemplated in the investment plan for the next three years.

I can say from personal experience that I will miss some of the stadium’s traditional old ways but I will certainly not miss the running track which although covered leaves you further away from the pitch than you would like. I just hope that the new northern stand (currently the Curva Bulgarelli) can maintain the passion that we see on a matchday. I am also still unclear where Bologna will play their fixtures if they are unable to continue at the Dall’Ara while works take place.

Cagliari (New)

Fiorentina (New)

Milan (Internazionale / AC Milan) (New)

The San Siro is one of the most iconic stadiums in Europe, but it is old and in need to renovation in large sections. The good news though is both Milan clubs have agreed to build a new stadium, which is expected to cost €650m (£576m) and take approximately three years to build. The new build will also see the redevelopment of the surrounding neighbourhood.

The Cathedral

The Rings of Milano

A decision as to which of the two stadiums will be built will apparently be decided by the fans of both clubs. My personal preference based on design being “The Cathedral” with its sharp lines and close proximity of fans to the edge of the pitch. I feel the oval stadium is overused in modern football and it is nice to see something different. At this time there is no update on its expected completion date.

AC Milan Chairman had this to say “AC milan and FC internazionale have shared a stadium in San Siro for more than 70 years. The project’s strength is the two club’s commitment together for the new milano stadium. it means increased investments and a common goal to give the city a sports and entertainment district which is alive all year round thanks to events involving both teams and creating jobs for more than 3,500 people.

ROMA – Stadio Della Roma (New)

Roma fans are well overdue a new stadium that fits with modern-day football. Their existing Stadio Olimpico is just that and with its hampered sightlines by its running track is by no means the perfect fit for a club trying to compete in both Serie A and Europe.

The future however for Roma fans certainly looks exciting if the designs are anything to go by. A new state-of-the-art, world-class 52,500 seat venue, aptly called Stadio Della Roma with design all around improving sightlines and give the fans a real sense of being pitchside.

Designers have taken inspiration from the Coliseum in providing intimacy and an opportunity to create a ferocious home atmosphere. The design includes one of international football’s most tightly organised seating bowls.

Roma fans however will have to wait for further news on the project as the club currently does not know when construction will start on this new venture. What does this mean for Lazio?

LAZIO – Stadio delle Aquile (New)

It means that Lazio too will look to build their own new stadium. An idea first thought up in 2005 is now reborn. Since COVID-19 has hit, Italy as a whole has suffered massive losses; especially that from the football sector. As it stands, the Lega Serie A is in discussions with CVC Capital Partners (a private equity and investment advisory firm) in regards to the firm purchasing as much as 20% of Serie A for about €2 billion. This would include them managing Serie A television rights, in addition to creating a company responsible for building new sports facilities for Serie A clubs. Lazio being one of them. We will wait and see what comes to fruition but the future is certainly bright.

The final word…

One Serie A fan has even created a video of the new stadiums expected in Italy.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. For now, from me, it’s arrivederci…

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